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Clinica Maria Luisa - Inside Proyecto Desarollo Humano; this clinic provides limited medical and dental care at little or no cost. It is available to uninsured individuals who are without government assistance, private insurance or financial resources to afford basic medical care.

Services are provided by dedicated volunteer physicians and  medical and non-medical personnel. For clinic appointments it is necessary to register for services. We are unable to take patients that require emergency care. 

Zumba Exercise Class - Held inside PDH Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. This program is led by a certified Zumba instructor. 

Nutritional Education - Several local organizations that provide nutritional education at PDH. They offer educational materials, and creative ideas to make learning about nutrition fun for all ages. 

Diabetic Counseling and Education - Local organizations offer this service at PDH. Group education and individual counseling is availble. 

Mental Health - Support is available on Fridays at PDH starting at 9:30 a.m. Individual counseling is available by appointment at PDH. 

Health Program


ESL Classes for Adults - Helps non-English or limited English speaking adults survive in an English-speaking community. Provides communication skills and cultural knowledge necessary for daily living in an English-speaking community. 

After School Tutorials with Computer Access - Children come to PDH after school and receive assistance with their homework assignments. They also receive assistance with a subject they may have difficulty with. There is also time to do a group project or play games. They also can use our computer lab to help with their assignments. 

Summer Program #1 - Provides a fun time for children with some outside activities along with working on arts and crafts that are supported and taught by dedicated volunteers from the community.

Summer Program #2 - Provides a great educational program consisting of academic subjects that are taught by certified teachers. The program ends with a field trip to Schlitterbahn in South Padre Island. Registration for these services is needed.

Sewing, Arts and Crafts - PDH has a huge sewing arts and crafts room. Individuals can learn to sew their own clothes or children's clothing and items that they may need for their homes. They can learn how to make decorations for the holidays. The possibilities are endless. They can even learn to make items to sell. They have been successful in fulfilling orders for choir gowns, purses, and even bags for conferences. It is also a wonderful gathering spot to spend time talking and supporting each other.


Tienda De Segunda - Thrift Store - The thrift store was added to PDH to help individuals learn about retail and marketing. The store has become a daily gathering for the local community to socialize as they search for bargains. Most of the inventory is made up of donated of items. Clothing, appliances, household items, furniture, etc., are some of the donated items. We ask that those items be clean and in working order. 

Training in leadership and community building - With the assistance of local organizations, groups are formed of individuals who may truly care for their community and they need the skills to make a difference. Training on how to solve problems within the community. They share and learn new skills to make a difference, such as leadership training programs empower local citizens to more effectively use their time and talent for the betterment of the community.  

Home and Community improvement activities - Many volunteers are young adults who are dedicated to helping our community. With their help, we perform home repairs for multiple families in our community. Mostly this is done through partnerships with local missionary groups. 

Community GardenWe encourage new and returning gardeners to be involved with the community garden. Through hands on instruction provided by UTRVG Agronomists, each gardener is provided with basic information about what to expect, organic gardening, planning and up keep. PDH has provided an area where residents can utilize a space, and receive the know-how, and inspiration to grow their own fresh, organic food. Instruction also includes how to sell and market their produce at local farmers

Educational Program
Social Services
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