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From the Community

Stories from the people of the community we serve about the services they have used at our organization.


Read About Nimfa!

As someone who lives in the Pueblo de Palmas area, PDH has been very convenient for Nimfa. She has participated in ESL classes, and is happy with the help in practicing her English. For health services, she was able to get a physical exam every so often at the clinic and use the mental health resources, as well as exercise with the morning Zumba classes. At the community garden, she buys cilantro, onions and beets from the women that tend it. She believes her children have also benefited from the tutoring offered, where they were able to get help and encouragement to meet their goals in school. 

"Muchas gracias a las hermanas y todas sus compañeras que ayudan en cualquier cosa que necesitamos"

Before Proyecto Desarrollo Humano, Anita remembers that she did not know too many people in the neighborhood personally. Now, she feels a more personal connection to those who are surrounding her because of the programs that Proyecto has. She believes the support groups that PDH offers have allowed her to reflect more often, and that she has developed into a more goal oriented person for it. Her children have also been involved in Proyecto; she recalls her oldest son has even obtained a scholarship offered by the center.

"Estoy muy agradecida, las directoras aqui en la colonia son los angeles, sin ellas no se como seria mi vida."


Read About Anita!


Read About Lourdes!

Since Proyecto opened in Peñitas, Lourdes remembers being a regular with her family. When her children were in grade school, they would go to PDH and she volunteered often to make tacos for them. She and her husband have continued to volunteer through the years, in things like distributing groceries to families during the pandemic. Lourdes and her family have also used the clinic for medical and dental checkups, and bought vegetables from the community garden. She assures that if people in the community take advantage of the friendly staff, the counseling, the after school tutoring, they will see just how much the center can help them.

"Muy amables todos los empleados y directoras (...) van a ver que es algo bueno aqui."

All excerpts have been published with consent of those being spoken of. Quotes have been translated from Spanish and edited for clarity. Some of the services mentioned may be temporarily unavailable due to the pandemic.

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